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This is an unsorted list of things that we are or have been working on. If you want more information about any of these that we've failed to mention here, do email us and ask.

Public TODO list

I'm trying to figure out a good way of publically displaying my internal TODO list, things I'd like, I'd like to do, I need and so on. Ideally with a way for people to comment on the items (with any luck to volunteer to do them, but would also settle for "hey, X already does this!" or similar. Will start with a page on this website and see how we go.

  1. TODO list

Unread books

I'd like to know if/when authors I've already read books by, publish new books. Also just generally which books I haven't read yet. This is not really a reccommendations engine, just a "missing books" tool.

  1. Unread books

Backyard furnace

For a long time, I've [James] wanted a backyard furnace that could be used to melt Aluminum, and make castings from 3d-printed plastic parts. We're currently gathering materials to rebuild a variably-kind-of-working furnace into something very close to Gingery's design.

Current status: Bought 2.5 kg of nice molding sand, and 10kg of Betonite.


A tool to add an "INHERITED METHODS" section to the POD of perl modules, without manual effort.

  1. Pod::Inherit

Pandoc PsuedoPod Writer

An extension to Pandoc to output PseudoPod.

  1. Pandoc PseudoPod Writer

DBIx::Class Book

Actual book about the DBIx::Class Perl module.

  1. DBIx::Class Book


How far can I walk in X miles?

  1. WhereTo

J&J 3D

Printing 3D models from STL files.

  1. J&J 3D

Binary parsing

A Perl module for extracting data from binary files, eg game files.

  1. Parse::Binary::Flexible