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Fun & Games

We like to play games or various sorts, this is just a list I'm starting now for mini-reviews.

Board Games

I like to play these, James gets taken to gaming sessions which include friends and beer. Board games and related things also lead to coding, like the BGG user locator.

  1. Board Game Geek game list
  2. BGG user locator

Computer games


We like minecraft, it allows us to actually play the same game together, its sociable gaming! (And doesn't require an on-going license..) We have played sveral user-contributed adventure maps, there will be short reviews here.

Minecraft itself also prompted James to do some coding:

  1. Minecraft
  2. Minecraft code related things

Custom Minecraft maps played

The Land of Kronos

Ingots: Used 8 for 2 clocks.


A very well designed and pretty adventure map set in Paris. We cheated a couple of times, using a waterfall instead of the long jump.

Quest World v1.6

Handful of Dust v1.8

It's Better Together