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TODO list (Ongoing!)


Somehow I need to track all the things that randomly occur to me as being interesting to do, useful, missing in my life and so on. Since the first item would be to try and find a useful way of presenting, tracking and allowing comments on those things, I'm starting with a plain ole HTML page, with commenting (which I'll use for updates), and see how it goes.

Ideally I'll gradually expand and comment on these items, to explain what they are, why I thought of them etc.

The List

  1. Finish writing DBIx::Class book! on GitHub
  2. Finish setting up J&J3D website on live box!
  3. Make TODO list thingy with updates/history/commenting on individual items
  4. Make a smartphone app that tells you the timetable of the train you are on (use geolocation), as well as knows your journey and tells you which platform to go to for connections when you get off. Found NationalRailApp for @davorg the other day.
  5. Something to view twitter conversations properly, viewing half of them, one-sided convos is getting on my nerves. Could enhance twirrsi for this, or use livefyre?
  6. Try out non-disqus commenting systems. Found livefyre and instantdebate, using livefyre on this site now.. Opinions? @shadowcat_mst doesn't like disqus, I forget why.(Set up on jandj.me.uk site)
  7. Twitter and Facebook comment merging? Posting my tweets to facebook means some folks reply on twitter and some on FB, annoying!
  8. Keep jandj.me.uk uptodate more! (Doing that now in fact..)
  9. Twitter/Twirrsi filter, aka be able to block/ignore/move tweets into another window when they match chosen filters..
  10. Document auth example for Web::Simple - should just get on and do this. (NB: does this TODO thingy have any ordering at all, should it?)(Done, in auth-example branch, now needs poking as doesn't quite work yet)
  11. Post about things I would like to do/have but don't have time for? Kinda done by creating this page!
  12. Refactor old Perl code "live", eg my perlmudv2, telnet, Intermud code from anno 2000 or so. Tests, what tests?
  13. Write up all the examples from Refactoring, using Perl.
  14. Play Torchlight 1 to the end.
  15. Patch metacpan to display all the dists/modules that I have ++'d on my author page. The link between user and author was added recently to aid this.
  16. Look for / make a Perl Module::Install (other whatsits are available) extension that runs a make test against an empty local::lib to verify that the deps are sane.
  17. Make a smoker that installs exactly the versions of modules that each dist claims to require, and runs make test against it.
  18. "frontpan", a smoker of new distributions (maybe just 0.01s?) that does the dependency tests from the above ideas, and also runs devel::cover to see how well the tests cover. @shadowcat_mst says that pjcj has a devel::cover smoker running somewhere.

    New finds/ideas: blacklist/demote dists that have releases that are N months older than recent bug reports (or output some sort of ratio release age to bug report age). This instigated by the German-1.11 release, which doesnt currently pass tests, as it tries to run gearmand as a perl script.

    Also, RT for CPAN needs some way of other users voting on / confirming the existence of reported bugs.

  19. Export/import my timesheet data from LiquidPlanner. Import from shadowcat's existing time-tool, export as reports, including personal tasks. (Also export for TPF grant!)
  20. Finish adding reversing camera to car (stuck on where to put the little display and how to power it).
  21. Review/list web and form frameworks on CPAN. (did a few of these in some blog posts, then lost momentum.
  22. Irssi plugin to tab-complete oft-used actions? (I can't remember what this one means any more!)
  23. Write some sort of tracker that parses #london.pm and keeps track of who is working where this week.
  24. Android apps/games "wishlist" tool, since play.google.com doesn't have one. Aka things I've looked at and found interesting, but not installed yet. I could add them to an amazon wishlist I suppose..
  25. Page like mdk.me, but with less obnoxious slow loading, and that works in Opera? @shadowcat_mdk to define this.
  26. Find books by authors I like, but haven't read yet? Mostly for notifying me when they publish new ones.

    Started on this, should add a separate project page on it, currently it extracts all data from goodreads, authors of books on my lists, then all the books they've written, and outputs the difference.

  27. Replace/fix the dvd drive on the xbox360 (this one is for @theorbtwo)
  28. Document other peoples modules I've tried to use. This one could be a long list. Add to it here: Moose::Meta::Attribute::Native::Trait::Array
  29. Some sort of kickstarterish thing to allow payments (tinypay.me?) / voting on which modules I will document. Wonder if flattr is kind of the same thing? Linked github to flattr account!
  30. Parking annoyances, write/find site that will show me parking near spot X with actual price. Also be able to enter from/to times and get actual total cost. Does Parkopedia have an API? Can we get data from councils?
  31. Poke around at MT and its not-quite-working OpenID impl? davorg says: It's standard MT Pro 4.something from the 6A website, and templates are at https://github.com/davorg/blogs.perl.org/
  32. Figure out a way to run a set of tests for module X, over a subclass of module X. For example, Template (toolkit) tests over Template::HTML.
  33. Top modules, listed by most-favorites, on metacpan? Also add "who favorited this" to release pages. Oops, already exists as Leaderboard
  34. Add maintainers and co-maintainer data from 06perms.txt.gz to MetaCPAN. Data goes in the Distribution table, and is denormalised in the release table? (In-progress)
  35. Amazon wishlists: Tool for collecting wishlists of friends. Bonus points if it contains greasemonkey/javacript/bookmarklet that notes when you're looking at Amazon things and reccommends/suggests things your friends want. (Courtesy of dwu)
  36. Set up a new protected twitter account for the Tomtom to tweet destinations to. Check/filter the contents for retweeting.
  37. Make a semi-automatic Advanced Alloy production chain in Tekkit.
  38. Talk about quick rank/good-attribute/bad-attribute buttons / display on metacpan.
  39. Look into using Slic3r to slice models for our shapercube 3d printer, instead of Skeinforge. This would involve re-translation of the output as ours is not a stepper motor.
  40. Dig more TODOs out of stuff file and add to this list!


Code, what code?