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Pandoc PsuedoPod Writer (Work in Progress)


I'm writing the DBIC Book in Pandoc-flavoured-Markdown, yet I'll need it later in PsuedoPod for publishing. Also, er.. why on earth not?

  1. Blog post (see also)


Pandoc is written in Haskell, so for this I needed to figure out how the heck that works.. Mostly done by deciphering the existing Writers and stealing bits. It's probably not terribly pretty as Haskell goes, but it seems to be working so far.


  1. Pandoc fork (GitHub)


The POD created by this Pandoc extension and some HTMLification, note PsuedoPods HTML output is a bit wonky where the E<> is concerned.

  1. POD output using Pandoc.Writers.PseudoPod
  2. POD tables output using Pandoc.Writers.PseudoPod
  3. writer.pod HTMLified by Pod::PseudoPod::HTML
  4. writer.pod XHTMLified by Pod::Simple::XHTML