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What's going on in Perl - How do you find out?

Satisfying my curiosity

Personally, I find it difficult to keep up with all the thoughts, movements, plans, implementations and general goings on in Perl-land. I don't have time to read the entire Ironman feed, and even that doesn't have everything.

Perl is a community full of independent folks, and they all have different ideas, and sources of information. Wouldn't it be nice though, if there was someplace we could have a collected summary of the latest ideas?

This survey is about asking you, the Perl community, where you get your information from, how do you keep uptodate with what's going on in Perl? For bonus points, how could we collect together a summary of notes/links for people who want know what's going on? Please add your contributions in the commenting system below.

It will be interesting also, to see who and how many people actually see *this* particular piece of Perlature.